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Kelly and I didn’t want to cave into the idea that our preteen and teenager needed cell phones, but with so many family members and different places we all need to be the thought of them having us a phone call away made us change our minds.

Not quite yet my little 6 year old…

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We all hopped into the truck and made a shopping trip to Walmart to see what the deal was with family friendly plans. After talking with the salesperson (who by the way was very helpful and seemed to know what she was talking about) we agreed on getting a cell phone for each of our older children. T-Moble has made it easy for parents to make a smart choice when purchasing a cell phone for the teenager of your family.

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One of our worries about getting an extra cell phone for the teens was the cost. Let’s face it the bottom line is the first thing we want to know because if it is going to burn a hole in our bank account we won’t even bother! With the Walmart Family Mobile we will be able to buy a cheap wireless plan for our kids. With FamilyMobile service we really were able to keep the cost inexpensive with unlimited service!


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Keeping in line with a budget we skipped over the coolest smartphones the FamilyMobile plan has to offer like the iphone and the Samsung Galaxy S4. Really. The type of phone you purchase isn’t the reason why this setup works well for parents.

Isaiah and Ruth want don’t want a cell phone…

walmart t mobile family plan

What makes the FamilyMobile plan at Walmart work so great are these few highlights:

  • We can stay connected with the kids.
  • We can keep control the usage.
  • We are able to manage phone number that are coming into the cell phone.
  • The ability to block adult websites on the phone.
  • We can even turn Data off all together if we want!
  • There are no contracts making us stuck with the plan if by chance we would need to end the service.

The Best way to Stay Connected with FamilyMobile

T Mobile family cell phone plan review social fabric blogger

Yes, I caved into buying the teens their own cell phones. However, I think we made the right choice. If you are on the fence like I was; take a second to go to FamilyMobile’s site and see for yourself the smart choice in cheap wireless plans for family phones!

Go see what everyone is talking about at FamilyMobile Twitter. You can join in and share your personal thoughts on staying connected with your kids! The hashtag is #FamilyMobileSaves and #cbias.
I will let you know what I think about the whole “Giving my kids a Cell Phone” in a month. Hopefully, I don’t end up grounding them and taking the phones away.



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    I can’t wait a long time to start having the cell phone debate with my son. But I know like most things with kids, that time will come in the blink of an eye

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