Man Weekend 2013

Shooting Guns At Man Weekend

I love being a Man. It Rocks. But being a Man can be tough. You need to be the leader of your house, you need to provide for your family, you need to work hard at all you do and you have to look good while doing all of this… Being a man can be […]

10 Best Hangover Cures According To Me

I’ll admit, I over did it a lot in my younger years. Hang were often and sever. In my later years now I have realized that having a good time is not nearly worth the hangovers that come with it and that I get hangovers way easier than I did when I was younger. Anyway, […]

Launching A Video Production

This last week Kelly and I started on our first episode of our new venture. It is an online camping show that will go along with Beyond The Tent, also titled Beyond The Tent. We are hoping that this will supplement our blog Beyond The Tent with more of a video presence that we can […]

New Beer in my Life

I am Kelly and I am Ryan’s wife – I run these crazy sites with my husband, but I like to stick to my sites and he enjoys writing on his sites. I recently was invited to attend an event at Buffalo Wild Wings to try out their new beer. My husband was unable to […]

Hanson Rocks… Try To Deny It!

Hanson Rocks, if you don’t like it, Go Away~ If you can take a song like this and turn it into a global phenominon, you rock. And this song is cool! Then they followed that up with more solid music. How many young stars today having careers lasting over 20 years? And this video is […]

Nudges Best Dog Treats to Teach an Old Dog New Trick

Rosco the best dog in the world!  Our old dog Rosco is almost 7 years old and most days you can find him laying around on his favorite living room chair. He has always been very smart and he listens to us really well. He isn’t too picky when it comes to dog treats, but […]