Good News and Bad News

Ok, none of this is really news for anyone other than me. And the good is just kind of yay and the bad isn’t really that bad. So first, The Bad…

My Kickstarter campaign BOMBED! It’s not over yet, but it looks as though my Studio Wars Kickstarter campaign won’t even reach $100. My first reaction is that I am embarrassed, but after that initial reaction wore off I realized a lot of things. First, I think Studio Wars is super cool, but it has a high cost without a great monetization plan. Second, people aren’t going to back a project just because the idea is good (not saying they think my idea is good, just saying). If you look at Kickstarter campaigns that were funded, it is always campaigns that can offer something to the contributor. Contributors want to get something in return that is a good value for their money. If they are backing a music project, for $10, they want a copy of the CD. If it is something that would normally retail for $50, they want it for $40 on Kickstarter to back it.

Studio Wars was over before it started. It is a free online game. So if you give the project money you will get to play the free game. If you don’t contribute, you still get to play the free game. So why contribue?? There is no reason… Poor planning on my part. I do however have a revised strategy for Studio Wars that I will discuss on here at a later time. I need to let it sit in the brain for a couple of weeks before talking about it.

Ok, enough of that.

The Good News

So here is the good news. I have been working 2 new projects lately that both have a much better monetization strategies and could be really interesting. Only one has been launched, so I only talk about the first one. It is a community site called Life In Minnesota. I won’t get into too much detail about the blog but I did want to share a bit about the Facebook launch. We launched the FB page on Friday morning, today is Tuesday evening. That’s 5 days. We are at 810 fans as of right now. That is nuts! We didn’t even do any silly cheap blogger tactics to force Facebook likes or any of that garbage, people are just really liking the idea so far. So that was an amazing FB launch. At this rate we could be looking at 3000+ fans in the first month if we can keep it up. Yay.

Ok, getting a little long winded here. I will post more about both of these later on.


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