Forza Motorsport 4 Review

Forza Motorsport 4 Review

By: Keegan Cunningham (My 14 year old son)

Forza Motorsports 4 is a great real life game. It is amazing and itʼs also super fun to play when bored of all your other games.


The way you start out in the beginning is great, they give you so many choices and levels to play and mess around with. In my first race I came in first which I believe is because of the amazing (and easy to use) controls. The controls are great, easy to handle and get the hang of real fast. With this game it is not just like every other racing game out there it has all of these little things that make a giant game and the little things make the game. Like the camera view, I have not seen something like it before, it is a different way to race unlike Need for Speed type games and how their view is different.


Now what i thought was pretty cool was that there was a little track on the screen that told you the way to go on the road. This was some serious help, so like if there was a sharp turn ahead, the little track would turn from green to yellow and once you get closer it would turn red. I thought that that was pretty cool and also helpful. This game dose not have a big learning curve to start for the first time it is straight to the point. I figured that with a car on the front cover of the box, the buyer would know what the game is about, so Forza did not waste any time on trying to teach you how to drive, it was easy to find out all by yourself.



One of the features that really set this game apart is the rewind. If you mess up in this game donʼt worry about it, just press the Y button and the game will rewind for you (only a couple of seconds though) but then you can retry that messed up turn that we all do every now and again.


This game has good graphics, but so does every other game coming out these days. But it seems like there just a little more to the graphics in Forza Motorsport 4! As I was playing with my friends, one of the things that kept us interested in the game is that as you progress through the tracks, you get to unlock new cars. While not a new thing, this is exactly the kind of thing that keeps you interested and moving forward in a racing game.


The variety of tracks in this game are awesome. It has lotʼs of simple circles or twisty and turning but they’re all different which is really fun. the mirrorʼs in some of the cars is a big plus cause I never had to push a button to look back and then find myself in a crash when I was to worried about what or who was behind me. Instead I could just look in my top right hand corner and see what was going on without crashing…much.

The cars in this game are crazy cool. It was just dream cars left and right which is something that every kid likes to see when playing racing games. You donʼt want a junky old looking cars to race with thats not fun and the Forza delivered on the cool cars. This game is complex, and fancy.


Forza is like Nascar racing, and open world, and street racing all in one. There are different varieties which was good. There are some mini games too, like where you drive around the track and there are bowling pins set up and you have to drive through them to get your points it is a good easy little fun game inside this great big game.


This game did not do so well on multiplayer. The graphics went down a ton, and it was getting kind of slow like it had a hard time keeping up. However, it was still fun to play on multiplayer and race against your friends. To make the game truly great, Forza 5 needs to do better on the multiplayer. Multiplayer is vital to all games these days, if your multiplay stinks, you game will in turn stink.

Final Opinion

This game is different then other in itʼs own way. I would Recommend it to a lot of you that are reading this. Some of you like the nascar or just the street racing or open world type and itʼs a little bit of all of that so that is why I would recommend it to almost all of you, but some people are just hard to make happy. I loved this game, so pick it up, it’s great game, but note to self, 5 is coming out soon so check it out.

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