Nudges Best Dog Treats to Teach an Old Dog New Trick

Rosco the best dog in the world!  Our old dog Rosco is almost 7 years old and most days you can find him laying around on his favorite living room chair. He has always been very smart and he listens to us really well. He isn’t too picky when it comes to dog treats, but […]

I Love Mornings

Wow, I love mornings. Seriously. I love getting up really quietly, trying super hard not to wake anyone up, sneaking downstairs and opening up a good book or sitting on my computer to do a little blogging. I love that I am motivated to accomplish so much more between 5am – 8am than I could […]

Basketball Coaching Websites

When my son was in the third grade he wanted to start playing basketball. I have always enjoyed basketball so I was pretty excited to get him going and possibly start coaching his team. That year I was an assistant coach for his third grade team. Turns out assistants are NOT needed in the third […]

Snow Day: Fort Building

Today we woke up to a wonderful surprise of a heavy night time snow fall. My guess is that we had at least 6 inches and the best part was that the temperature was a nice 30 degrees with minimal wind. I sent my son out to start shoveling off the sidewalks and he hollered […]

Setting Up The Christmas Lights

Three years ago I decided that with 4 kids (and a 5th in Kelly’s Belly) that starting a tradition of going a little crazy on Christmas light would be great fun for our family. I soon realized that going crazy with Christmas light was Expensive! So I started off with some standard multi color led […]