Taking Photos

Today I get to be a photographer! A website I’m working on hired me to take photos for a number of cities they are focusing on. I’ve taken photos for our sites but never had anyone pay me before, so this is a first. The site is turning out amazing, so I’ll have to put […]

Launching A Video Production

This last week Kelly and I started on our first episode of our new venture. It is an online camping show that will go along with Beyond The Tent, also titled Beyond The Tent. We are hoping that this will supplement our blog Beyond The Tent with more of a video presence that we can […]

Hanson Rocks… Try To Deny It!

Hanson Rocks, if you don’t like it, Go Away~ If you can take a song like this and turn it into a global phenominon, you rock. And this song is cool! Then they followed that up with more solid music. How many young stars today having careers lasting over 20 years? And this video is […]