Man Weekend 2013

Shooting Guns At Man Weekend

I love being a Man. It Rocks. But being a Man can be tough. You need to be the leader of your house, you need to provide for your family, you need to work hard at all you do and you have to look good while doing all of this… Being a man can be […]

New Beer in my Life

I am Kelly and I am Ryan’s wife – I run these crazy sites with my husband, but I like to stick to my sites and he enjoys writing on his sites. I recently was invited to attend an event at Buffalo Wild Wings to try out their new beer. My husband was unable to […]

Really Kelly? Really?

Came home from work today and I saw one of my homebrewing fermenting buckets sitting on the front steps. If you don’t know, these are special food grade buckets that you ferment your beer in. They cannot have any scratches in them what so ever because scratches can hold bacteria, which can ruin beer. So, […]

Launching A New Website: Home Brewing Blog

About 2 weeks ago I was presented with the opportunity to purchase a home brewing website along with it’s current assets. The site was a train wreck and looked like it was built in the early 2000’s (it wasn’t). But this site did have a great Facebook following of over 1600 fans. Along with the […]

Beer Label of the Month (Week?)

I have been thinking about trying something new here on Life and Beer for a couple of months now. The idea is to gather either free, purchased or even make (ha, who am I kidding) beer labels for home brewing. I don’t know if this is something that will continue and if it does if […]

The 10 Beer Challenge

This is a challenge that I recently saw on Simply Beer. Peter Kennedy spent three months looking to find 10 beers that his wife actually liked. I saw this and thought what a great idea! If you know Kelly at all, she has pretty much never found a beer that she likes, but she really […]

Merry Early Christmas To Me!

I was planning on having a handful of guys over last night to hold a Fantasy Movie League auction at my house and thought it would be a good idea to grab some awesome looking beers for the guys to try and give their feedback for Life and Beer. But sadly, there was a error […]