About Me

My Name is Ryan and I live just outside Minneapolis, Minnesota. I run a small painting and furniture refinishing shop call Minneapolis Painting Company as well as a Fantasy Movie League websites called Studio Wars.

I have 5 kids, almost never enough money to pay the bills, something breaks every week and the house is always a mess. But thankfully I have my wife to share all of this joy with and I have faith that God, my creator, has a wonderful place prepared for me when I come home.

My goal for Life and Beer is quite simple, I want to share the interesting parts of our family of seven, the interesting (and frustrating) parts of running a small business and the excitement of trying to start an online business. Between these three things I am always way too busy! But that is the way I like it and I am thrilled to see where God will take me, my family and this blog over the next few years.

Here are a few photos so you can see who is writing!