9 Beers Myths Debunked

Drinking Light Beer Will Prevent A Beer Belly

The difference between your typical light beer and regular beer is about 100 calories. Light beer has roughly 100 calories while regular beer has roughly 200 calories. 100 calories will not make or break your beer belly. If you really want to avoid your beer belly, avoid drinking excessively, stay active and eat healthy, don’t drink bad beer.

Beer Should Be Served Ice Cold

TV has brainwashed everyone! While some beer should be served ice cold and taste great that way, different beers should be served at different temperatures. For a great guide on what temperatures to serve your beer check out this article at Craft Beer Temple.

All Beer Needs To Be Fresh

Again, Curse You TV Ads! With those endless Budweiser and Miller commercials most people believe that beer should be cold and fresh. For a cheap lager, this is true. But dark and high alcohol beers often develop new amazing flavors as they age. Try experimenting with some beer and see if you can tell the difference.

Canned Beer Is Lame

I think our beer drinking culture has somehow determined that it is cooler to drink beer from a bottle and that cans are lame. Not true, cans have far more benefits than bottles. Cans seal perfectly preventing oxygen from ruining the beer, cans seal out sunlight perfectly, they are environmentally friendly, light and cheaper for manufacturers.

Dark Beers Have More Alcohol Than Light Beers

The color of the beer has absolutely no connection to the amount of alcohol in the beer. Light colored beers can have a high alcohol content while dark beers can have low alcohol.

If You Buy Warm Beer, You Should Keep It Warm Until You Drink It.

For many beers, the less time they spend warm the better. Warm temperatures speed up the oxidation process which causes beer to become “skunked”. Cooler temperatures slow down the oxidation and keep beer fresher longer. Again, this all depends on the type of beer.

Beer Should Always Be Crystal Clear

This is purely another commercial myth. Crystal clear beer often means over aggressive filtering which can also filter out many of the flavors. Clear beer is purely a cosmetic thing and not a taste / flavor thing. Some cloudiness is natural in many beers.

Bubbles On The Sides Of Your Glass Are Good.

Wrong! Bubbles form on things, things such as scraps of food and junk that you cannot see on the side of your glass! Bubbles forming on the sides of your glass mean you need a cleaner glass. Some beer glasses have etched sides where bubbles are meant to form.

Beer Is Bad For You

As with most all things in life, beer is best consumed in moderation. Anything you overdo is likely going to end up hurting you. Some medical studies have even said that drinking beer in moderation can help prevent weight gain, decrease the risk of heart failure and more. So, drink in moderation and have no worries.

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