A Little Self Promotion


Yeah, the title is correct, just a little self promotion going on here. I have been a painter for almost 10 years. I shut down my painting business almost 2 years ago but lo and behold, I have decided to start it up again. Aspen House Painting was an exterior painting company here in Minnesota […]

It’s All In The Domain


If you frequent Life and Beer at all, you’ve probably seen a couple of articles I wrote on purchasing the blog The Digit Crunch. Well, about a month ago I’d had enough of the site and decided it was time to cut my losses. I grabbed all of my well written content off the blog […]

Taking Photos


Today I get to be a photographer! A website I’m working on hired me to take photos for a number of cities they are focusing on. I’ve taken photos for our sites but never had anyone pay me before, so this is a first. The site is turning out amazing, so I’ll have to put […]