Recipes For Men: Mancaroni

I love to cook, that is, when I have time and I am not exhausted I love to cook. The trick with cooking around my house is making something that pleases everyone and doesn’t involve too much of my time. My kids (under 10) love Kraft Macaroni and Cheese, but everyone over 10 in our […]

9 Beers Myths Debunked

Drinking Light Beer Will Prevent A Beer Belly The difference between your typical light beer and regular beer is about 100 calories. Light beer has roughly 100 calories while regular beer has roughly 200 calories. 100 calories will not make or break your beer belly. If you really want to avoid your beer belly, avoid […]

Taking Photos

Today I get to be a photographer! A website I’m working on hired me to take photos for a number of cities they are focusing on. I’ve taken photos for our sites but never had anyone pay me before, so this is a first. The site is turning out amazing, so I’ll have to put […]